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Claude ArcharyClaude Archary
16:14 27 Apr 22
1 less star because there's always a way to better your service and your business as well. This place is to sum it up in one word, Unique! So refreshing to be introduced to a store that's more like a mini comic con in itself that I have fun just to visit and get lost in the world of superheroes, classic movie memorabilia, and even a giant cookie in case I get hungry in the DC vs marvel universe. It isn't cheap but it is worth it for the deserving friend or family mender, especially when it is birthday time. My nephew turned 8 and I stole the show with my gifts and for cheap because of the promotion items I scored. R50 for a Joker (from Batman), plus I couldn't resist another one for myself, with the Marvel logo on top of the red box, a quirky group game that has playing cards, sweat bands etc. The idea is to go through the game and the cards will instruct the player to do dance moves which opponent players will be given similar chances to challenge each other and score points for the win. R72 in the sale bin, What! And I got a Batman branded gift box with a mug, Drinking glass and a figurine of batman that's in the design which resembles FunkoPop figurines but with its own slightly different twist. It was a bargain at R240. Available in Superman as well. Check out the pics. Oh and the staff came to help me and I was fine but this guy took my items off me and made sure it was waiting for me at the till. Nice! I am headed there now just because of this review and its making me get excited to see what all is new and on promotion.
Yoland PillayYoland Pillay
10:47 20 Feb 22
I Love It.Even if you don't have money, walking around seeing so many different Comics, Figurines, and other memorabilia really gets me gets my heart pumping.The Stuff Is Very Friendly and educated about so many comics.The prices are very reasonable.The Place is very well Organised andI feel like a kid in a candy store.It's a must Visit!You won't regret it.
Keshav SinghKeshav Singh
15:47 21 Aug 21
A massive collection of comic and movie related items that are marvelous for home decor and entertainment purposes. The on-site snack store also has a wide variety of imported goodies. One can spend hours in here; would definitely recommend for anyone interested in pop culture.

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