Spider-Man 1:10 Statue (Iron Studios)

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Spider-Man is the young Peter Parker; an orphan raised and educated by a loving aunt and uncle. As a teenager, during an experiment, a genetically modified spider bit Parker and so his DNA was altered and he came to have the proportional powers of an arachnid, such as jumping long distances, extended force, adhesion and the ability to scale surfaces in any sense or height, and a precognitive sense that warns him of impending danger. With his natural scientific genius, he developed a device that allowed him to launch artificial webs, created a blue and red costume and adopted the code name of Spider-Man. Parker ignored the chance to stop a fleeing thief, and in a tragic irony, the same criminal killed his Uncle Ben. He hunted and arrested the killer, and when he recognized him, he felt responsible. Since then, he has adopted an ethical code of a phrase from his uncle: “With great powers come great responsibilities,” and went on to fight crime. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962, and owner of an extensive gallery of supervillains, and one of the biggest stars in the Marvel universe. Brand: Marvel. Manufacturer: Iron Studios. Type: Statue. Artist: Raphael Albuquerque. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? The Spider-Man Art Scale Statue features: Based on the concept art of Raphael Albuquerque from Chiaroscuro Studios. Limited edition. Made in Polystone. Hand-painted. Includes base display. ADDITIONAL DETAILS & DIMENSIONS: Materials: Polystone. Product Size: Height: 20.07″ (509.78 mm) | *. Box Size: Height: 10.00″ (254 mm) | Width: 15.00″ (381 mm) | Depth: 17.00″ (431.8 mm) | *. Dimensional Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg) [Intl. 16.00 lbs (7.26 kg)] *.

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