The Epic Return Of Attack On Titan
by Jimmy G.

It has been well over six years since the anime phenomenon known as Attack On Titan (aka Shingeki no Kyojin) graced the screens of both Japanese and Western audiences alike and propelled anime even further into the mainstream along with a plethora of other hit titles that came out at more or less the same time. However, it cannot be denied that the franchise almost fizzled out of memory as a result of various production delays, a lack of source material, and several other factors. Thankfully the series has made one hell of a bombastic return with the airing of the secound cour of it’s third season of which we are currently six episodes in.
But, just what is it about Attack On Titan that still keeps people coming back for more despite all the challenges it has faced over the past few years since the first season aired why is there still such a massive hype surrounding it? Well, in order to explain why one first has to understand the premise of this incredible series so if you are new to anime and to Attack On Titan, we hope you will find this article very informative.

Attack On Titan has a simple, yet, elegant premise. The story depicts a bleak dystopian, post-apocalyptic, steampunk fantasy world where the last remnants of humanity live in cities behind towering walls to keep the threat of the man eating, colossal beings known as the Titans out. For the past 100 years, humanity has lived in a relatively uneasy peace with many never having seen a Titan in their lifetime. However, that peace is disrupted after a 60ft tall Titan, known as the Colossal Titan, breaches the walls along with another being known as the Armored Titan, causing the surviving population living in the lands between Wall Maria and Wall Rose to flee to the inner sectors and the sudden influx of people causes famine and turmoil.
Fast forward a few years, we follow the efforts of an elite team of soldiers simply known as the Survey Corps, who have been tasked with finding out more about the Titans so that humanity can eventually defeat them and bring us back from the brink of extinction.

After the first season finished airing back in 2013, audiences were left with a ravenous hunger to find out more because of the major cliff hanger the series signed off with. However, after many production delays and countless spin-offs and OVAs, most people thought the series was nothing more than a one hit wonder and the anime community wasn’t exactly excited when after four long, excruciating years, the second season was finally announced in 2017. It took a while, but, word of mouth began to spread and towards the end of it’s airing and interest in the series began to surge once more.
Then, during December of 2017, in an effort to boost the marketing of the second season, the Dutch symphonic metal band, Epica (one of the biggest names in the genre) covered selected songs from Linked Horizon, which is the band that does most of the opening themes for the series, and it was released exclusively in Japan on 20 December 2017. 
By the time the first cour of the third season began airing in July of 2018, the band decided to release the EP internationally in anticipation of the series return which introduced a completely new audience to the series thus contributing immensely to the resurgence of the franchise popularity.

While the first season certainly was an action fuelled thrill ride focusing more on the battle against the Titans, the second season focused more on the more suspense and horror aspects of the story which saw the Survey Corps split up and low on resources and man power while having to fight a new breed of Titans that are now active during the night hours.
By the time part one of the third season began airing in July of 2018, audiences were more than prepared to return to the world that Hajime Isayama (the series creator) had given us and what a spectacular season it was. One filled with mystery, intrigue, political/revolutionary upheaval, and conspiracies a plenty. The season also contained some of, if not the best, animation in modern anime to date. That’s not to say the series hasn’t always had spectacular animation, but, last years arc definitely solidified the series visual legacy for generations to come.

Now that the second cour is underway, we will hopefully get to see what finally lies within the Jaeger family’s basement, the origins of the Titans, and how the world came to be the dystopia that it is. You can watch the series on Crunchyroll and you can pick the original manga and itsvarious spin-offs such as the Lost Girls novel and the Before The Fall manga which is set 70 years before the main story at Comic Warehouse.
At the time that this article was written, the second half of the third season has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and is currently sitting on a rating of 9.16/10 on MyAnimeList and the series was recently ranked as the highest rated anime of all time on IMDB which for a long time was held by Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, One Punch Man, and Cowboy Bebop.

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