Remember Avengers Infinity War? The cinematic behemoth that made you laugh, cry and eat an overpriced Large popcorn? Marvel seems to have the formula cracked when it comes to succeeding on the big screen, so why isn’t DC learning from this success? DC may be floundering at the box office in a mad attempt to catch-up, but their comics have released one of the best runs in a comic book series I have seen to date, in the form of ​Dark Nights Metal​. The Metal series is but a taste of what DC has in store for us, as the scale keeps on increasing and the stakes get higher, we’re in for a fattening treat.

Dark Nights: Metal​ is a tale that leans heavily on the trope that “DC is about Gods trying to be human”. The scale is the universe and beyond, the threat is everything that exists on the surface and all that lurks beneath. This story line makes it a point to speak on every mystery that plagues every DC fan, and in doing so, opens the case for more mystery and intrigue.

The through point of ​Dark Nights: Meta​l is that the universe as you know it, is the surface of the ocean, sometimes you can see beneath the surface, but you never really know what is lurking in the depths. The DC Universe is revealed to have a Dark Multiverse, and in this multiverse, lives the nightmare incarnations of all that we know until this point. Superman as a parasite, Batman as a cyborg death machine, pretty much the most nightmarish incarnations of our superheroes looms beneath the popular DC universe, and what is at the centre of this? Batman! It has to be Batman!

In this series, we come to find out more about Batman and how far back his origins reach, learning that “the Bat” has been around longer than we thought. If you are familiar with Gotham’s caped crusader and his story, you would know that some of the detective’s hardest group to deal with is ​the​ ​Court of the Owls​. This is a group of masked rich people who mold and shape Gotham to their own interest. Their origin is deep within Gotham and their relationship with “the Bat”. ​The Court of the Owls​ are used to unravel the thoughts we have about, how Batman came to be and why are the Owls always messing with Batman? Their reasoning? They worship something bigger than their wealth, everything they do in Gotham is for their God, all the money they have made, is being used towards the second coming of their God. So how does Batman fall into this story of misfortune that has everything on the tip of destruction? Batman is a doorway for the God!

If this all sounds confusing to you, good! I am not alone, but this story has some of the best twists and conclusions I have seen coming from DC. The story is usually quite captivating if the whole entire universe is on the line and Batman being the cause of it just makes the story so much sweeter!

This story may sound like an epic manifestation that should come in the third act of any movie, but it is just the beginning… Yes dear reader, there is more waiting, dealing with one God that dates back as far as time itself isn’t enough, there is more, there is so much more! DC has come up with a formula to take all of our money for the next few months if they keep this up, they have my money, my interest and all the attention they deserve.



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