1. Is The Original Rick Dead?

From what we know from the show, Rick completely disappeared from Beth’s life for decades. His disappearance caused Beth a lot of sadness and is a large part of the reason for her behaviour today. We can see her character display feelings of insecurity and abandonment and constantly fears her dad will leave her life again. This raises the question, is it possible that the Rick we see in the show isn’t Morty’s original grandfather?


We know that Rick and Morty currently live in a parallel universe identical to the one the show started in – the only difference is the lack of Cronenberg monsters. This means that both Beth’s have lived the same life. It could be possible that our Rick doesn’t originally come from either universe and that Morty’s original Rick is long dead. Some fans have theorised that this Rick comes from a different universe where his family died (pretty sad but yeah), this would explain his several major issues like alcoholism, depression and the weird way he treats all of them. It would also explain why there was such a big time gap between him leaving and him coming back into Beth’s life. While Rick can travel through dimensions, he doesn’t appear to have the ability to travel in time. Therefore, if Beth’s Rick died when she was young and Rick’s family died quite recently, it would appear like Rick had just upped and left and then came back.


2. Universe Jumper


While a lot of these fan theories revolve around Rick and Morty’s multiverse, this is the theory that probably relies on it the most. Some fans have hypothesised that we haven’t followed the same Rick and Morty each episode and that we may even be switching realities mid episode without realising! The episode Morty Night Run is one story that adds a lot of weight to the idea that we don’t follow the same Rick and Morty each episode. It’s been established that the Rick and Morty that the audience is most accustomed to is from universe c-137. Yet, for some reason in Morty Night Run when Jerry is dropped off at an all Jerry daycare his number reads 5126.


The episode Total Recall also supports this theory. This episode introduces Mr Poopy Butthole, and even includes a new intro sequence that adds him into nearly every clip. Total Recall unpacks a range of bizarre characters that have been implanted into the Smith family’s memories, and when it’s revealed that Mr Poopy Butthole is, in fact a real person and not part of the villain’s scheme, it suggests that this episode had to have taken place in another universe. This theory is also supplemented by the fact that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have a love of pranking the audience- meaning it’s entirely possible that we haven’t been following the same Rick and Morty each episode.

3. Rick and Jerry Are Still Inside A Simulation

In an episode inspired by the matrix, Rick and Jerry are put into a simulation by a gang of con artists aliens who want the recipe for concentrated dark matter, which Rick only has. The simulation is pretty sophisticated, even presenting Morty in a realistic enough way to make it seem like he’s in there with Rick. When Rick and Jerry think they’ve escaped the simulation, it is revealed that they are in fact still inside it. The first hint comes from the fact that Jerry is still in his tuxedo despite it not being his first outfit that day. When the simulation finally stops, he’s in his underwear. Based on this, some fans have looked at one particular scene from the episode and think it means that the cast could still very well be in the simulation.


This episode is the first time a Plutonion is seen in the show. Plutonians are the residents of the dwarf planet Pluto and some fans have now convinced that they only exist in the simulation. While there isn’t a lot of evidence to support this theory, it’s one that the episode itself plays about with at the end where Rick goes into Morty’s room and drunkenly threatens him with a knife as he himself is unsure if he’s still in the simulation or not.

4. Morty isn’t Rick’s first Morty

Rick seems to have memories of a baby Morty, which doesn’t seem possible if Rick has disappeared for around 20 years – in fact, there’s even a photograph of the two of them together. We already know that Rick has jumped to different universes just to try again before and he does so with seemingly little care. Therefore, it would make sense when you take into account the very strange way Rick behaves towards his grandson. At the same time, Rick seems to both love and hate him when you consider the idea that he’s already lost his grandson once. This behaviour would make sense – Rick needs a Morty, but at the same time the idea of him getting attached to one could be driving him to behave in such an abusive way. At the start of the show it seemed as though grandpa Rick hasn’t been back in the Smith family’s life for very long, just long enough to get on Jerry’s nerves it could be that he has only recently come to this universe where Rick is already dead and is looking for a new home.


5. Rick Uses Mega Seeds For Intelligence


In the very first episode of Rick and Morty, Rick acts very differently here to the rest of the show, being far more exaggerated and far less grounded. Not only that but he takes quite a lot of interest in the mega trees and mega seeds of a far-off world.


What’s so special about these seeds? These seeds from the mega trees will make you smarter and Rick claims that they’re important for his research and that he’s used them before. When Morty used the seeds, he became super intelligent for a short span of time. Unfortunately for Morty, the seeds also made him drool at the mouth when they wore off. Rick has been drooling at the mouth for quite some time now and seems to be a lot smarter than even the Rick’s from other realities. So could it be possible that the reason Rick is so smart and so drooly is that he found the seeds before any of other Ricks? Rick often claims that he’s the Rickiest Rick but it’s quite possible that this is because of his use of the mega seeds and not necessarily being inherently better than any of his counterparts (it’s not like this Rick isn’t known to cheat).


Any other crazy Rick and Morty theories that you think have weight to them? Share your hypotheses below!

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  1. The mega seed also causes paralysis.
    Therefore Rick would have to be taking it constantly or that theory is wrong.
    I’m leaning on the latter.


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