Let’s be honest. There are few things that beat the sweet, sweet feeling of destroying your nearest and dearest at your favourite board game. Who doesn’t relish delivering a pretty devastating +4 in Uno at the perfect time? Or discovering what depraved lunatics your friends and family really are thanks to Cards Against Humanity?

Up the ante at your next friendly neighbourhood board game night by introducing these board games to your repertoire:

Ticket to Ride


Don’t be fooled by Ticket to Ride’s unassuming exterior; you’ll be fighting your friends to the death over the placement of tiny trains no time. This easy-to-learn but super competitive game makes everyone at the table a railroad baron, trying to take over the US with their railroad routes. You draw tickets to tell you where to build, and draw cards with colors matching those on the board. It sounds a little boring on the surface, but we’ve had many an argument over placing tiny trains.

What Do You Meme?


Described as ‘an adult party game for meme lovers’, What Do You Meme? Is a guaranteed good time. The rules are simple: compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. Probably not advisable to play with your family, unless you’re rowdy like that.

Betrayal at House on the Hill


This seriously freaky co-op game has you and your friends exploring a haunted house together and trying to figure out the mysteries. As you travel, you uncover bad omens, and the house begins to turn against you. Each turn, you get closer and closer to certain doom. Until it happens! One of the players (you don’t know who until you hit the turning point) betrays you.

It’s a longer game, and very creepy if you play at night. The game is like playing out your very own haunted house horror movie. We enjoy that it manages to be cooperative and competitive by having two distinct phases, and we love fighting our way out of a house that is determined to kill us. Good luck surviving.



Secret Hitler


We ummed and aahed about including this game on the list because it’s not very PC — but then we thought, to hell with it. Let’s kill Hitler! This game is best played in bigger groups. It’s a bit of a perversion of the game Werewolf in that one person is Hitler, and everyone else tries to figure out who it is before bad stuff happens. It’s a game about Hitler’s rise to power and it gives you a chance to stop him from ever getting there.

Red Flags

We were super into Cards Against Humanity for a while. Like, ​really​ into it. Before Cards Against Humanity becomes too much of a good thing, we decided to park it and try Red Flags in its stead — and honestly, we didn’t know we could laugh this hard.

Red Flags is a game about setting up your friends on the best possible date. Pretty sweet premise, as we all want our friends to hook up with the best possible person (right?). You reveal


your date to the judge, and then the person to your right tries to sabotage your date by giving them a negative trait – and some of them are ​bad​.


Then each person has to try and defend their terrible date and it’s up to the judge to bite the bullet and go out with one of these awful people. Basically, it’s Online Dating: The Card Game.


  1. If you’re more into the fantasty/D&D theme then betrayal at house on the hill has a great reskinned version titled Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.


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